Last Breath

When I say my last goodbye,
where would you go?
Would you take off with your weightless toes
and dive in the clouds?
Or would you climb the stairs
and look for another life?
Would you look back at my cindered bones
and smile?
Or would you lose me to oblivion?

Because trust me, at that time
I’d want to hold you one more time.
But I’d be dust by then.
So, I ask you today
as I write this ode to you,
“Do I mean anything at all,
or am I just another vessel to you?”

Because when I say my final goodbye,
I’d want you to look at my motionless eyes,
and say, “I love you too”.
And I swear,
you’d find my heart come back to life
one last time for you.


Today I feel heavier
than yesterday. Yesterday was heavier
than day before that.
So I am guessing,
tomorrow I will feel more weight.
And day after tomorrow, more than that.
And I think it will be the way it is
until I am crushed under this weight.
Maybe then it will all go away.
Just like that.

The person behind the name

As I sit here stringing the words which are pricking my head, the blood drips on my fingers and they move incessantly forming paragraphs, creating my world.

Let me introduce you to this blog you might come across someday. This blog will contain pieces of my heart which got shattered on this journey I took. So, I weave the pieces together and present to you, my reality. Perhaps, some pages may remind you of yours. Don’t be alarmed. You would be surprised to know how similar we all are and still how unique.