Stranger at Dawn

There is a crack in my voice
Underneath this sanguine filter,
And it usually gets louder at night
When I lie awake in my bed
Inhaling the darkness
And exhaling the light.
There is heaviness in my sighs;
Words which get stuck
In my throat- slashing
My veins if I force them out.
So, I don’t. I let them settle in
Until they burn my insides
And the smoke comes out
From my nostrils;
Rising up to form a cloud
To drench me in rancid rain
And I melt, absorbing
This stinging pain.
Every night I dissolve,
To come out at dawn,
Feeling like someone else
Like I don’t belong at all.

2 thoughts on “Stranger at Dawn

  1. Very good! I don’t know if it happens to you, that you pour heart out and you expect a response more than just two words. I used to say more, but most people don’t care for that, so I no longer.

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