Writer’s block

I stare at this white sheet-
An empty page,
Endless possibilities;
Infinite stories to write,
And yet all I see
Is the void,
The inability to write,
Of never being able to.

9 thoughts on “Writer’s block

  1. Stare into the dark unfocused and images will form. Black paper or black tea are better for a meditation on emptiness that will fill with unconscious dreams coming out to play in the shadows of a blue star in the dark.

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  2. Believe that you do know exactly what you want to write. Believe there is a part of you, the instinctive part that you can give control to. Allow yourself to be led…. and good luck. Keep writing. Anything.

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  3. I jeep a daily journal and just write and draw anything…with at least one thing written that I am grateful for. Thats how I start most days. Supposed to be good therapy.
    When I am not inspired I review it and pick out anything that seems interesting.

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  4. I have often said my favorite color is white because it contains every other color, and it is the color of a blank sheet of paper. I love (and hate) looking at a blank sheet of paper. The possibilities encourage me, and mock me.

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