The sound of nothing

What sounds like nothing?
What does nothing sound like?
By the dawn of the light
When the windows are shut,
I hear my room
And it utters a static sound;
Even though there isn’t anything around
I close my eyes
Stop breathing for a moment
And hear
My room sounds like nothing,
Nothing sounds like static.
Maybe the molecules collide
And produce charge,
Maybe the light particles rub against each other
Maybe it’s the sound of the universe
Or maybe I think too much.

5 thoughts on “The sound of nothing

      1. Thanks. I can’t think of many metaphors for silence and nothing. There is “a pregnant silence,” and the song “The sounds of silence.” Although, there’s “to give voice to a concept” on a written page etc. I guess in an avalanche, the snow speaks. Hmm, I guess a lot of inanimate objects speak. I should ask them.

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